Insect Life Cycles

There are 4 main food groups for humans - chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies and chocolate pie. Trout have 4 main insect food groups as well as baitfish, leeches, worms and of course terrestrials. The diagrams below are of the life cycles of the 4 insect groups. What rivers these insects are found in depends to a large part on the quality of the water. The most susceptible insect to poor water quality is the Stone Fly. If a river has stone flies then the water quality is good. The Bow River has a prolific Stone Fly hatch each June/July and the trout aggressively feed on these insects. Stone Fly nymphs and Stone Fly adults can be fished with great success. The Bow also has good hatches of the other insects as well. See the hatch chart for times of year these insects can be found. 

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Caddis Fly Life Cycle                                          May Fly Life Cycle

The diagrams on this page are courtesy of Darren Banasch. Darren is owner of Hook and Hackle Canada Inc. located in Okotoks, Alberta. He is a veteran fly fisher of more than 30 years and has authored the book, "Which Fly Do I Use?"


            Midge Life Cycle                                          Stone Fly Life Cycle

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